Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water Damage to Floor

When water is absorbed into the floor in a home, it creates these bubbles which can let a homeowner know there is an issue. We had to remove the floor because of the damage. 

Water Loss

Water loss can be a minor or major repair. This home needed the floor removed and equipment placed. The equipment assisted in the drying cycle. We love our SERVPRO drying equipment. 

Water Damage

A sewage back up in this home needed floor removed due to the contamination of the water. We were able to remove the contaminated water and then the flooring to properly clean the area.  

Tent System

SERVPRO of Dublin, Vidalia, Claxton uses a tent system in order to dry certain types of floors. This puts hot dry air on the affected area which helps the drying process. 

SERVPRO Equipment

Our SERVPRO equipment is part of the reason we can work proficiently, effectively, and quickly. Our equipment works wonders with assisting in drying and cleaning to help our customers have a clean home. 

Floor Removal

SERVPRO of Dublin, Vidalia, and Claxton had to remove a portion of the floor in this bedroom. We sealed the area to ensure proper drying would be completed to finish the job!