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Green SERVPRO Disaster Response truck in parking lot in Dublin, Georgia

Ready for Whatever Happens in Dublin, Claxton and Vidalia

Whether its fire, water, wind, mold, or biohazard damage, our team has the expertise and equipment to restore the damage Like it never even happened.

Based in Middle Georgia, our team is focused on serving the Dublin, Vidalia, and Claxton areas for all of our residents' property restoration needs.

No matter the size of property damage, we can help you restore it effectively!

House under water

Rapid Water Cleanup

Whether your home is flooded after a storm, or water has penetrated the ceiling because of roof damage, SERVPRO of Dublin/Vidalia/Claxton is Here to Help. Water damage requires rapid cleanup to prevent mold growth. Call today for fast response!

image shows a commercial water damage restoration project where mold and water cover the floors and industrial equipment

Water Damage Restoration

No matter how large the water damage may be in Dublin, Georgia, our teams are equipped with the right knowledge, equipment, and experience to help you quickly restore the damage "Like it never even happened." Whether you experience water in basement, ceiling water damage, or need fast sewage cleanup, SERVPRO of Dublin/Vidalia/Claxton has what it takes to help you in your time of need. Call today!

demolition of ceiling


When a water loss occurs, we typically need to remove the drywall in order to properly dry the area. We removed part of the ceiling as you can see in the picture. 

water on floor

Water Extraction

We received a phone call to an emergency water loss. The water was covering the homeowner's floor when we arrived on scene. Here you can see the amount of water on the floor as well as our technicians working hard to extract the water.

soot on wall

Smoke Damage

When a fire happens in a home, you know there will be smoke damage. However, it may come as a shock as to how extensive the smoke damage is. This room was on the opposite side of the home from the fire. As you can see, it is covered in smoke and soot. 

fan on carpet

Restoration equipment hard at work!

Without our drying equipment, our job would be impossible. We have some of the best equipment which comes with some work. After each job is complete and equipment has been removed, our equipment goes back to the warehouse to be properly cleaned and checked out to ensure it is working to the best of it's ability. 

Water Damage to Floor

When water is absorbed into the floor in a home, it creates these bubbles which can let a homeowner know there is an issue. We had to remove the floor because of the damage. 

Storm Damage to Garage

Garages are common to have storm damage. This storm was able to create severe water damage to the wall you see in the picture. We had to remove the wall due to the damage. 

Mold Growth

Contents can have microbial growth on them. Here you can see a chair that has mold growing on it. The owner of the contents can decide whether the item is worth the cleaning or if it can be replaced. 

Storm Damage

Contaminated water can have bacteria that is dangerous for a homeowner. When a storm rolls through an area and a flood happens, a large amount of drywall needs to be removed for the safety of the customer. 

Clean Kids Play Equipment in Restaurant

Cleaning Restaurant Kid Zone Play Equipment

Fast food restaurants have the kid zone playing equipment that needs to be cleaned. SERVPRO of Dublin, Vidalia, Claxton cleaned this equipment to kill any bacteria growing on it for the health of the children. 

Commercial Packout

SERVPRO of Dublin, Vidalia, Claxton had contents that needed to be cleaned from a commercial property. We arrived on site to gather the items and take them to the warehouse. Once at our warehouse, we cleaned the contents and returned them. 

Water Loss

Water loss can be a minor or major repair. This home needed the floor removed and equipment placed. The equipment assisted in the drying cycle. We love our SERVPRO drying equipment. 

Mold Remediation

Homes that are vacant for a significant amount of time are more susceptible to microbial growth because no one is there to ensure the humidity level is low, and there aren't any water leaks. 

Fire Packout

When a fire sparks in a home, most of the contents will need cleaning. We pack the items in SERVPRO boxes and take them to our warehouse. Once they are at the warehouse, we clean the items to repair them. 

Microbial Growth

Microbial growth can easily take over a vacation home when the homeowners are away. This is true for this home. The homeowners returned to the home to find this mold growth and immediately called SERVPRO to begin work. 

Microbial Growth

The home in this picture had been left vacant for some time. A water pipe burst and was left running until a neighbor spotted the water in the yard. The neighbor called the homeowner to inform them of what happened. 

Extracting Water

Our Rover weighted extraction equipment is used tremendously when a storm passes through. We use this to extract water from carpet that was saturated due to a leak from the weather. 

Microbial Growth

The homeowner was cleaning in the crawlspace underneath the porch when he saw microbial growth. He called SERVPRO of Dublin, Vidalia, Claxton to remove the mold and clean the area that was affected. 

Mold on the Ceiling

Microbial growth was occurring in this homeowner's garage bathroom that was rarely used. Because it went unnoticed for some time, the damage was extensive. We removed the entire ceiling and cleaned the bathroom with SERVPRO approved cleaners to reduce the likelihood of microbial growth to return. 

Storm Damage

A horrible thunderstorm came barreling through Dublin which caused significant damage to the roof of this home. The roof damaged caused a large amount of water to enter the home and destroy the flooring. We removed the flooring and cleaned the area. 

Water Damage

A sewage back up in this home needed floor removed due to the contamination of the water. We were able to remove the contaminated water and then the flooring to properly clean the area.  

Fire Damage

A fire ignited in this bedroom that destroyed many of the contents. SERVPRO of Dublin, Vidalia, Claxton came into the home to repair what we could and clean the areas. We were able to remove the smoke scent from the home. 

SERVPRO helps during Storm

Our crews went to help an area that had been impacted from a tornado. Our vans were loaded down with equipment ready to get to work. By the end, we were loaded with debris left from the storm. 

Containment Barrier

Our SERVPRO technician is getting a containment barrier ready to be placed. An office was destroyed due to a fire, but the fire was contained to the one office. We placed a containment barrier so smoke and soot would not be able to venture out to different places at this place of business. 

House Fire

SERVPRO of Dublin, Vidalia, Claxton restoring this home that was damaged due to a kitchen fire. The soot and smoke extended through the entire home which caused for a major clean up. 

Moving Contents

SERVPRO came into a fire job to inspect the contents. We packed up the contents that needed cleaning and loaded them into the van. We transported the contents from this home to our warehouse to begin cleaning them! 

Kitchen Fire

The homeowner was using the stove when a small kitchen fire sparked. Luckily, the fire was extinguished fast so the damage was not extensive. This shows how fast a fire can damage your kitchen. 

Apartment Cleaning

An apartment complex called SERVPRO of Dublin, Vidalia, Claxton to clean the unit a renter had just moved out of. Upon inspection with the landlord, he decided the carpet was wet from a leak coming from the ceiling the renter had failed to report. SERVPRO removed the carpet and placed equipment to dry the area. 

Tent System

SERVPRO of Dublin, Vidalia, Claxton uses a tent system in order to dry certain types of floors. This puts hot dry air on the affected area which helps the drying process. 

Cleaning Chairs

Our technician cleaning chairs in a church. We were called into the church to do a carpet cleaning and cleaning of the chairs. Here you can see our technicians vacuuming the chairs to clean them. 


Our SERVPRO work vehicles are a big reason on why we can do work efficiently and quickly. This was our van during a storm clean up job at a home located in Dublin. 

SERVPRO Equipment

Our SERVPRO equipment is part of the reason we can work proficiently, effectively, and quickly. Our equipment works wonders with assisting in drying and cleaning to help our customers have a clean home. 

Floor Removal

SERVPRO of Dublin, Vidalia, and Claxton had to remove a portion of the floor in this bedroom. We sealed the area to ensure proper drying would be completed to finish the job! 

SERVPRO Working Hard

Our technician cleaning soot residue left on the ceiling from a small kitchen fire. The technicians always use the proper technique and cleaning material to ensure the homeowner loves the work completed by us.  

Sponsering a Golf Tournament

This past July, SERVPRO of Dublin Vidalia and Claxton were sponsors for a golf tournament held at the Country Club in Dublin. We had such a great time at this event! We look forward to many more opportunities like this with our community.