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Leave it to the Professionals

3/7/2018 (Permalink)

Most people don't think they'll ever have the need to deal with a biohazard, but it's surprisingly common. Should your home ever become the site of a crime scene, traumatic accident, or fall into distress and be in need of severe cleaning, you'll be put in the situation of figuring out what to do next. While some homeowners think it's perfectly fine to attempt cleaning up a biohazard on their own, that's actually the worst thing to do. 
Properly and safely cleaning up biological waste and dangerous materials requires expertise and the proper equipment. If you're facing a biohazard emergency, you're probably wondering how to get your home restored and back to normal. Here are just a few reasons why going the do it yourself route isn't best in this situation. 
1. Advanced cleaning equipment is needed. Trying to tackle a biohazard cleanup with regular household cleaning supplies and tools is not only inefficient but doing so will not properly disinfect your home. At SERVPRO, our staff is trained to get rid of all traces of biohazards, including those that you can't see. 
2. Your safety is important. Especially in the case of a biohazard scene that contains blood, human waste, or animal waste, preventing the spread of disease is important. Our technicians use specialized protective gear that allows us to handle biological emergencies and trauma scenes without exposing ourselves to risks. 
3. Disposing of the waste requires special care. Sometimes we have to use an incinerator or autoclave during a biohazard cleanup, but the waste can't simply be put into your garbage can. Things that become contaminated or ruined by a biohazard emergency have to be disposed of so that no one is exposed to any health risks, and specific permits are required to dispose of and transport biohazard waste. 
SERVPRO of Dublin/Vidalia/Claxton has a team of professionals who can handle your restoration emergency, even in the most extreme situations. To get a quote or learn more about our biohazard cleanup services, call us at (912) 538-1323.

Biohazard & Recovery Continuing Education

3/13/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Continuing Education

A few times throughout the year, SERVPRO of Houston County, as well as our partner location SERVPRO of Dublin/Vidalia/Claxton,  offer continuing education classes to the Insurance, Real Estate and Property Management industries. These classes allow the attendees to earn credits for their respective fields. Most attendees use our classes to be better informed of industry standards and best practices. One of our more recent and popular classes is centered on Biohazards and Biorecovery procedures. This has proved to be a very informative class for all that attend. If you would like to learn more about our Continuing Education schedule or sign up for our classes, please call the office at (478) 224-4148 or send us an email to  to be put on our alert mailing list. We look forward to seeing you in class.