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Most Common causes of Water Damage in the Home

3/21/2018 (Permalink)

In most cases, a homeowner may see an issue with their home leaking and believe that it is minor and shouldn’t be looked at. This is true in the sense it is minor, which means it would be an easy fix. The problem with this is when the issue does become major then the homeowner seeks professional help and now the problem is expensive and extensive. Read on to see what the most common cases of water damage to your home. Don’t forget that SERVPRO of Dublin, Vidalia, Claxton is here to help with the minor and major water damages to your home.

Outside of the home: Roofs and Gutter

Flat roofs are a big helper in water damage to your home. Even though it is referred to as flat, it is not actually flat. It will have some design for water and debris to flow to the gutters. However, debris such as leaves and limbs can get stuck and will keep water in a particular area. This can create a huge amount of pressure which can result in water leaking through in that area from the roof. Another issue with this is during winter. During winter, water can freeze around the edges which will create a little pool on the roof which will begin to weaken the roof and allow for water to seep into the home. If you have a flat roof, you want to get regular maintenance on the roof to ensure you do not fall to a victim of water damage.

Gutters can fail homeowners. They are beautifully designed to run water away from the home. But when a thunderstorm happens, leaves and other debris can be blown into the gutter causes water to get stuck. Also, if a gutter cracks, the water could leak down the side of the home through a small afternoon shower which over time will lead to water damage and potentially mold. What to do? Keep a close eye on your gutters and after a storm, clean the gutters out properly.

Inside of the home: Pipes

Leaking pipes can be extremely dangerous because it can take a while for a homeowner to see major damage. By the time most homeowners catch this issue, there is major water damage and black mold. Leaking pipes can be from major temperature changes to the wrong level of acidity. If you notice a change in pressure or color of your water, this could be a sign of a leaking pipe.

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